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We educate people in how to act when lives are in danger from fire.

Gurney Fire Safety Limited knows that by law everyone has a responsibility for fire safety. We will give you all the necessary tools for you to show due diligence.

We offer our services to help you and your staff to understand what is required of them. We offer a comprehensive range of fire safety training to help your business or community meet their legal obligations regarding staff training for fire safety.

Red fire extinguishers tank in the fire control room for safety and fire prevention

You and your staff's fire safety training will include:

  • Actions in the event of fire

  • Fire risk awareness

  • Evacuation

  • Prevention of fire

  • Use of fire fighting equipment

Be well equipped in the event of a fire

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Fire extinguishers

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Fire blankets

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Fire safety signs

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Water release mechanisms

You can gain all your necessary fire safety equipment from Gurney Fire Safety Limited. After assessing your property or place of work, we will know exactly how it may be vulnerable to fire and what equipment your will need in its eventuality.

When a fire strikes you will need the right equipment to protect your property, customers and staff. We offer equipment to prevent the outbreak of fire and to put them out effectively. From alarms to fire blankets, we will help you to reduce the danger and damage from fire.

Fire protection engineer check the safety pin of red fire extinguishers tank at the exit door in the building concepts for fire prevention emergency and safety rescue of fire services and training
Instructor showing how to use a fire extinguisher on a training fire

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